Dr. Guggeheim, ND, FNP, RN

As an ND, FNP, RN and nutritionist, I work to reverse chronic disease with several modalities. I am board-certified in environmental medicine, ozone therapies, I.V. therapies, nutrition and have specialized cancer care training and autoimmune conditions.You can find my free medical blog each day at www.secondnaturecare.com My patients include: all ages, pediatrics, men, women and teens.

I have a passion for reversing chronic disease. We start at the root cause and correct the gut, detox the system and oxygenate all cells to achieve normal physiology. My treatments work directly on the mitochondria and roll back the biological clock.

I am unique in my training in that I integrate both naturopathic medicine and modern medicine which allows me a wide scope of practice in several states. I practice foundational medicine which includes comprehensive testing and layered treatment.