Dr. Judson Wall “Ozone as a critical component of oro-facial regenerative therapy: TMJs and Teeth.”

Dr. Francisco Morales Lozano was born in Monterrey Mexico, grew up on the USA/Mexico border to a family of physicians and dental professionals whom have dedicated themselves to developing medical-dental education as part of their family legacy. They have established several clinics including a hospital and a dental university in Mexico over a span of 50 years from the mid 1960’s to present. Dr. Francisco participated in the administration of the Family-owned hospital and has participated on the teaching faculty of the dental university. His motivation in the area of research and development comes from a generational hand me down scientific curiosity, with a lifelong experience of dedication in the health care field, where the example has always been the true art of healing with respect and love for humanity.

Dr. Francisco started his medical education in Matamoros, Mexico obtaining his BS in biology at the Tamaulipas State University Ceballos Preparatory School and initiated his medical education at Universidad Valle del Bravo (UVB) Reynosa, Tamaulipas Mexico, including additional medical studies abroad. Achieving his Medical Surgeon License in Mexico 1985. Dr. Francisco went on to do an internship and post graduate studies in Family Medicine and Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Health Science Center Texas Tech, USA. He then returned to México to participate in the Medical-Dental Charity Programs for Northern Mexico along with the obligation of chief medical administrator of the family hospital and general medical director of the faculty at the dental university. He then continued his studies in hyperbaric medicine receiving certification in hyperbaric medicine at the Mexico Government Hospital Seguro Social Siglo 21, he continued post graduate studies in hyperbaric, aquatic and oximetry medicine, at the CIMEQ Military Medical Center / Hospital Hermano Emeijerias, Havana Cuba. His studies in hyperbaric medicine also include advanced sub aquatic certification in industrial and commercial diving at the Association of Hyperbaric Medicine in Latin America, Mexico City, Mexico, also achieving DAN certification USA.

During his Hyperbaric Medicine studies in Cuba Dr. Francisco became familiarized with ozone therapy and took a great interest in enriching his knowledge in oxygen and oxidative therapies dedicating extensive time in studying ozone with accomplished and published researchers at the ozone study and Research Center Havana, Cuba, becoming certified in ozone. Dr. Francisco achieved oxidative medicine diplomate status from the International Bio-Oxidative Medicine group USA. He then participated as a founder of the International Oxidative Medicine Association USA and is a past president of the association. He shortly thereafter was introduced to Photodynamic / Photo -Biomodulation therapies and further expanded his work using Photosensitizers for therapeutic protocols for viral, bacterial and cancer pathologies.

He participated in several international research projects, to include participation as a leading researcher in 2001-2002 at the Tanzania and Uganda African hospitals research project for the treatment of viral diseases, HIV / AIDS, and resistant bacterial infections utilizing photodynamic therapy, and polyclonal antibodies, these research projects were accomplished in collaboration with Investigaciones Inmunologicas Mexicanas SA de CV, Mexico and Foundation for Light Therapy USA.

As Chief Medical officer and head Medical Researcher at Dental University he participated in the research and education of heavy metal toxicity in the use of dental amalgams. Dr. Francisco continued to expand his medical dental expertise in the area of heavy metal toxicology in dentistry with focus on Biological Dentistry. Then specializing in Heavy Metal Toxicology receiving diplomate status by the International Board of clinical Metal Toxicology, European Council, The Netherlands.

Dr. Francisco participated in research collaboration with Blood Bank / Cord Blood Bank, Alternativas Hematologicas S.A. de C.V. Mexico City, Mexico in the harvesting and expansion of dental pulp stem cell and their regenerative capabilities, developing neurocytes for spinal cord injuries which led to research and participation in several international spinal cord repair research protocols. He was then offered the position of medical director of research and development of the cord blood bank in Mexico City. Further participation included the work of isolation and expansion of umbilical cord blood stem cells. Other project endeavors included establishing clinical protocols with autologous stem cells and umbilical cord blood mesenchymal stem cells for metabolic and autoimmune degenerative diseases and neuro-regeneration collaborating with several international stem cell laboratories.

Dr. Francisco currently continues to head the office of research and development at the Dental University IOM. Also participates as an associate research professor at IPN University Superior School of Medicine, Escuela Superior de Medicine, Instituto Politecnico Nacional. Participating at the Clinical Research Laboratory for Cellular Biology and Nano Medicine IPN University, Mexico City, Mexico. He also participates as a medical consultant for several International medical centers worldwide consulting in Nutritional, Longevity and Cellular Medicine, utilizing PRP, Stem Cells and Exosomes along with Low level light laser therapy (LLLT) and shock wave therapy for repair and regeneration as well as cosmetics and sexual wellness.

He currently is the Chief Medical Officer of Advanced Light Devices LLC, and Head Scientific Researcher for NanoMedTek LLC, along with directing several current university research projects in the area of Photodynamic therapy.

This class is a must for anyone interested in learning and applying the latest ozone protocols.

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