Dr. Guggeheim. Clinical Cases on Ozone and Homotoxicology


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Ozone and Homotoxicology – Crack the code and reverse chronic disease – Turn the “dirty genes off”

The best clinical pairing – like a great meal paired with a fine wine

Ozone activates the immune response, stimulates Nrf2, improves blood flow, liberates heavy metals off of nerve endings, catches and kills pathogens be it viral, bacterial or fungal and much more

How can you improve your clinical odds of reversing chronic disease patterns and lure pathogens out of tissue storage? How can you crack the code of chronic disease? Homotoxicology is the answer. These are specially prepared homeopathic formulas under sterile conditions that when mixed into the blood during MAH sessions are like a heat seeking missile.  These formulas go to the heart of the problem – to the epicenter of where a disease pattern is expressed. Ozone delivers the medicines where they can do their best work whether it is repairing mitochondrial damage, preventing cell to cell negative genomic cross talk or improving cell to cell communication.

Learn what Homotoxicology is and why it works with Ozone

Identify the six phases of disease on the biological continuum

Understand the best phases of disease to reverse chronic disease to achieve normal physiology, reverse abnormal labs and turn your “dirty genes off”

Become knowledgeable of specific remedies for cardiovascular disease, renal disease, MS, Parkinson’s, RA, HSV-1,2 and HH-6, Hep C, Lung infections, Acute and Chronic Lyme, Neoplastic phases, GYN problems, Psoriasis, Eczema and other skin conditions, HPV-related conditions, neurological conditions, heavy metal toxicity, Toxic mold, Male-related issues and more

Attend and soak up knowledge that you can put into clinical practice right away

Your clinical results will improve dramatically, patients will heal faster, chronic disease patterns can be turned off and armed with homotoxicology principles you can become a clinical rock star.


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