Dr. Dennis Harper, DC “Ozone and Neural Therapy (NOT)


Dennis Harper's, DC, workshop at  Ozone Masters will be presenting examination techniques and how to successfully implement neural ozone therapy (NOT), a therapy he created, in your practice, dramatically reducing and often eliminating  pain quickly. Teaching you to do these procedures for successful outcomes. Specifically, the course will cover and demonstrate joint injections from head to toe, and each participant will be able to focus on the few that they wish to learn. As part of this course, you will have a one month long access to Dr. Harper's extensive video library of the injections and protocols.
For those of you who have seen Dr. Dennis Harper  in action, you know that the foundation of the HRS exam begins with keen observation, and “The Laying on of Hands”. We ask our practitioners “to not listen to what the patient is telling you, listen to the patients body.” During the workshop our experts will take you step by step through the exam process. From the initial greeting to the treatment we will show you how to easily connect with your patient in a positive and meaningful way that opens the door to positive outcomes.


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